The Greek Summer Airport Run

I came across an opportunity to do a contest which basically involves hitting as many Greek airports served by Aegean / Olympic Air as possible. First prize is 5 years of StarAlliance Gold. How can I say no? So I spent 3 days flying around Greece.

So for about 3 days, I flew around Greece to different airports / islands. Unfortunately Aegean / Olympic has a hub and spoke system of their network, which means I have to start and end in Athens. I would start from Athens, fly to one airport, get off, and get right back on the same plane back to Athens. Rinse, repeat. I was able to do 4 RT each day (Could've done 5 but I didn't want to push it since one delay or misconnect would ruin my whole day.

ATH Athens

AOK Karpathos

KSJ Kasos Island

JSH Sitia, Crete

RHO Rhodos

CHQ Chania

AXD Alexandroupolis

SMI Samos

JMK Mykonos Island

JIK Ikaria

SKG Thessaloniki

HER Heraklion

JTR Santorini

It was completely crazy, but also pretty fun. This was my first trip to Greece and I managed to skip all sightseeing (aside from airports) :-D. 

Unfortunately, I still haven't found out if I won the contest, but contest or not, it was quite interesting to see so many airports in such a short amount of time.