EVA Air Royal Laurel Class "Hello Kitty Jet" CDG-TPE

The EvaAir Hello Kitty Jet had been on my list for years. It is a jet with custom HK livery on the outside and also custom service items on the inside. I've booked LAX-TPE in the past but a month before the flight EVA decide to put the plane on CDG-TPE instead, swapping in a standard 777 on the LAX route. No HK Jet for me.

Finally, this time I was able to book the HK jet on the CDG-TPE route. Finally I'll be able to fly on the Hello Kitty Jet, I thought.

Then I showed up to CDG T1 the day of my flight, and looked out the window. WTF

No Hello Kitty Jet.


I checked online and turns out a few weeks back EVA did another equipment swap, and one flight on this route wouldn't have the jet. That was my flight.

God damn it.

I went to the service desk asking for a seat chance. As it turns out they've been calling for me for some reason. I got my new seat, and my boarding pass on the Hello Kitty cardstock. Insult to injury, I thought.


Then I boarded the plane, and noticed that in fact, the plane do have Hello Kitty service items on board. For some reason EVA swapped in a plane without the exterior livery, but had all the service item on board. Oh well, better than nothing, I guess.