“Can we create meaningful interactions with our plants, which we normally water and forget?”


Project info

MFA: Interaction / Product Collaboration
2 Weeks


Collaboration Partner



Team members

Melissa Hellmund Vega, IxD
Siddharth Hirwani, IxD
Anders Sandström, APD

Not all of us are cut out to take care of a plant. Does it need sunlight? Water? When? How much? 

What if our interaction with a plant is more than one-directional? How can our plant "talk" to us?

No pets allowed

No pets allowed

Don't know how to take care of a plant

Don't know how to take care of a plant

Feeling lonely

Feeling lonely

Pontus, in a nutshell:



Compared to regular household pets, plants are both easier and harder to care for. Easier because they simply need water and sunlight, but also harder because they are unable to provide relative quick feedback unlike a pet. By the time we notice something is wrong (yellowing, wilting), often it is too late.

Pontus is our concept to provide enhance feedback for people with plants. It gives your plant a voice and allows itself to express itself via audio and light, the combination of which gives it a personality that you learn and adapt to gradually. Just like dog owners learn to understand their dog over time, you will learn to understand your plant. Does it need water? Does it need sunlight? Pontus will let you know.